Music mogul LL Cool J has reportedly called up rap star Eminem to help piece together his upcoming G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) 2 album.

According to LL, Slim Shady collaborated with him on a new track.

“Me and Em have a song. He just recently let me hear his verse and it’s crazy. He’s chainsawin’ sh*t. It’s good, it’s good. I think people are gonna be pleasantly surprised when they hear me and him on a record together.” (Rap-Up)

Check out LL Cool J’s interview clip right here…

Over the summer, LL said his new LP would be geared toward having a more street feel.

“People [are] wondering what this album is for and this album is mainly for the n*ggas. It’s gritty. This one is not for the ladies. This album features nothing but real stories, true stories, what I want to do keep it true and embrace the current environment and take it to the next level. I am not trying to sound like I’m from down South and I’m not trying to sound like I’m ’90s New York. It ain’t about how old you are, it’s about how you connect with the people.” (HHV)

A few days prior, New York battle rap king Murda Mook spoke to SOHH about working with LL for their “I’m Nice” collaboration.

“LL actually hit my phone and I was just chilling. I was like, “Yo, who is this?” And he was like, “What up, it’s LL.” I was like, “What?! LL Cool J?” He just told me the idea and I already had the record with Raekwon on it. Me and Rae, Rae is like a mentor to me. He’s like a big brother and Rae’s been holding me down throughout the years. I already had the record from Ron Browz and I told Rae, “Yo Rae, get on this.” So I told LL, “Yo, I think I got the perfect joint for you.” So when I went to the studio with him, I had played it and LL was like, “This is it!”” (SOHH)

Mook also detailed his experience sharing studio time with the rap god.

“But I had already had the record. Me and LL actually wrote the verse in the studio together and that was like some phenomenal sh*t. People don’t even do that anymore. It’s so much e-mailing back and forth that you don’t even get that vibe. It was so competitive. He’s the teacher and I’m the student trying to show him like, “Yo, here I am.” He’s trying to show me, “Yo, Mook, relax. I’ve been doing this type sh*t.”” (SOHH)