LL Cool J ‘Pop Rap’ Debate Has The SOHH Fam Talking

Written By Amaar Burton

Poll Results Are In

Hip-hop legend LL Cool J seemed to take offense to being crowned the "forefather of pop rap." The Grammy-winning rapper/actor wasn't even sure what to make of the title, and some of the SOHH Fam shared his view on it.

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Who Is The Forefather Of ‘Pop Rap’?

We’re not sure where the label even came from, but LL Cool J made it clear on Twitter he wasn’t happy about it.

“Me being called the forefather of pop rap is very confusing. What the f*ck are you talking about?? LOL”

We went to our YouTube Community and polled the SOHH Fam on who, if not LL, deserved to be called the real forefather of pop rap.


SOHH Fam Weighs In On ‘Pop Rap’ Title

While LL Cool J dominated the voting, a lot of commenters argued in his defense that he doesn’t deserve that moniker. MC Hammer was mentioned most often as a more accurate pick.

“These kids don’t know history lol pop rap is hammer for sure. He helped make it pop. Ll cool J was the one to make hits for the ladies”


LL Reflects On His Career For ‘Behind The Music’

LL Cool J is going to tell his story. VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’ series is officially back with Paramount+, and he’s just one of many artists who are getting ready to spill all the details and let fans in on their amazing paths.

“Behind the Music” trailer

His Latest Project

From track suits and Kangols to FUBU, LL Cool J has always been at the forefront of hip-hop fashion. Back in December 2020, the Queens rap legend launched a collection inspired by hip-hop’s history with gold chains. LL’s Rock The Bells fashion line is a collaboration with artist Alexander-John. After first working together on apparel and accessories inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, now the pair has released the Chain Collection.

There’s no denying the impact that gold chains have had on our culture. Designer Alexander John has taken this cultural staple and remixed it like only someone who loves the culture can.

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Written by Amaar Burton

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