Rap star Lizzo stays amazing fans. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to deliver both some major confidence and booty vibes to her social media followers.

Lizzo’s Confidence

Earlier in the week, Lizzo went to her Instagram Story with strong words. She explained where her confidence comes from and what it took for her to realize there’s no outside influence to alter her state of mind.

“So I’m laying here and I’m thinking about confidence. Like where does confidence come from and a lot of my confidence comes from a lack of shame. I wasn’t always that way. For a long time I was the most ashamed of myself, I didn’t like myself. I was waiting for this epiphany to happen. One day I was just going to blossom into a different person and it’s just not reality. You can change and alter your appearance and that’s fine but your confidence and the love that you have for yourself, there’s really no workout regiment, plastic surgeon, hairstylist, makeup artist that can really change that and beautify that.” -Lizzo’s Instagram Story

Thirst Trap

Last night, Lizzo went all-out with her thirst trap goals. The hip-hop star shared a pic of her booty and encouraged followers to do the same.

“Put on some cute panties today and smack ur own a**” -Lizzo’s Instagram

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Put on some cute panties today and smack ur own ass

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Wait, There’s More

Last week, Liz went to Instagram with footage of herself in a home studio. In the clip, she tests out new sounds and beats on music equipment.

“Gotta get back to my joy.. gotta get back to music.. first ever jam on my new drum machine.. I promise imma get better at this 🙏🏾” -Lizzo’s Instagram

Before You Go

Recently, Liz went to Instagram with some borderline NSFW content. She shared a clip showing an insane combination of dancing and booty-shaking moments.

“UR WELCOME 😫🔥” -Lizzo’s Instagram

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Lizzo’s twerking compilation