Grammy-winning rapper Lizzo has no problem letting the world see how she shakes it up. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to share a jaw-dropping compilation clip featuring her most epic twerking moments.

Lizzo’s Twerk-A-Thon

Last night, Liz went to Instagram with the borderline NSFW content. The clip features an insane combination of dancing and booty-shaking moments.

“UR WELCOME 😫🔥” -Lizzo’s Instagram

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Lizzo’s twerking compilation

Queen Bey Shows Some B-Day Love

This week, Lizzo shared a huge reaction to getting love from R&B icon Beyoncé. She revealed Queen Bey acknowledged her 32nd birthday.

“YALL. @beyonceBEY YON SAY wished me a happy birthday B*TCH ! I don’t know how to ACT 😫 She is my inspiration to be a singer after seeing destiny’s child perform in the 5th grade… I LOVE YOU BEY! Thank You! Let me go drink some damn water 🥴” -Lizzo’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

On Monday, Liz went online with a busty new pic. She also revealed the best gift her followers could give her on the special day.

“It’s my birthday, the best gift would be… say something nice about yourself in my comments and shake that a** ho 🥰” -Lizzo’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last Thursday, Liz went to her Instagram page with a few of her favorite Instagram Live moments. The Grammy-winning entertainer shared some must-see instances playing the flute for singer SZA.

“A f*cking vibeeeeeee get into itttttttttt… deep breaths y’all…… breathe in 😲 1, 2, 3, 4, hold your breath for 😊1, 2, 3, 4, and release for 😗💨 1, 2, 3, 4, ❤️🙏🏾 do as many times as you need! Love u @sza thank u for inviting me into your glorious light 🥺💋” -Lizzo’s Instagram

Lizzo and SZA got on Live together

“As your heart beats, it sends a vibration through your body. Imagine all the water and blood and organs in your body vibing to your heartbeat, like a drum.. again.. and again… The higher you vibrate, the higher your body can function. Music is a tool to get to that high vibration, it’s heart opening. Thank you @sza for letting me raise the frequency with you. Some people didn’t understand, but they gon feel it. In case you missed it, here’s something to meditate to— open yo chakras and yo mouth and sing with us!!! I promise you’ll feel better 🌍🥰”

Lizzo showed off her flute skills as SZA got spiritual