Houston rap artist Lizzo doesn’t have to worry about missing any Los Angeles Lakers home games. The hip-hop entertainer is reportedly not banned from the Staples Center despite widespread rumors and reports.

According to a Staples Center executive, Lizzo still has the green light to pull through to the iconic venue anytime she’s in town.

“She is not banned from the Staples Center and is welcome here anytime,” Lee Zeidman, president of Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and LA Live, tells Billboard. “It’s ridiculous that these rumors get started and that people write these types of things without making any attempt to find out the truth. It’s very lazy and disrespectful.” (Billboard)

Earlier in the week, Liz came forward to address backlash she received after recently wearing a NSFW outfit to the Staples Center.

A few days ago, rumors circulated online about Lizzo getting banned from the Staples Center.

On Wednesday, TIME Magazine named Lizzo its Entertainer of the Year.