Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is far from over with her war against Trey Songz. The legal muscle has announced there are additional individuals claiming Trigga Trey physically attacking them.

According to Bloom, there are more women reaching out to her about Songz allegedly assaulting them.

“When the police failed to arrest him a few days [after the police report was filed], [Buera] came to me and I looked into it and discovered that he has a long, sad history of physically assaulting women, according to a number of women, as well as men,” she said. “At this point we’re keeping their names confidential,” she said. “So far, they come across as very credible and they say they have evidence in support.” (Pop Culture)

Earlier this week, Songz turned himself over to law enforcement to deal with his publicized domestic violence case.

The singer turned himself in, with his attorney Shawn Holley, for the alleged incident involving a woman he was out with in L.A. last month during NBA All-Star weekend. He was booked at 6 AM, and released shortly after 8 AM. He posted a $50,000 bond. (TMZ)

Prior to going to the LAPD, Songz broke his silence on his legal battle against celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom and the alleged female victim.

Last week, Bloom’s client Andrea Buera came forward to publicly speak out.

Andrea — who said she’s known Trey for about 3 years — said there were others who stood and watched as Trey allegedly beat her to the point he gave her a concussion. She wants those witnesses to come forward, and she wants an apology from Trey. Bloom said an investigator allegedly hired by Trey has also gone after Andrea’s family and she wants that to stop. Bloom added they’ve not filed a civil suit but it is possible. (TMZ)