Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Playboy’ Cover Shot Prematurely Comes, Leaks Online

Written By S. Samuel

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, who has garnered past support from hip-hop artists like Lil Kim and 50 Cent, has fallen victim to online hackers as her new Playboy cover leaked this week.

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Initially slated to be unveiled next week, the new cover shot is now circulating online.

While Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy pictorial remains undercover (but not under much, from what Dina Lohan tells The Insider), the cover of her January/February 2012 issue has leaked online and, I have to say, LiLo looks top notch! In the picture, she’s seen straddling the icon Playboy logo, which strategically covers her bits. Of the shoot, Dina said it would be tasteful — a.k.a no full frontal for Lindsay! The actress is set to unveil the entire spread on the December 15 episode of “Ellen.” (The Insider)

Lohan fans who get their hands on the upcoming issue will see only a partially nude photo spread.

E! News reported at the time of the November photo shoot that Lohan had to pose a second time for the magazine after her first shoot didn’t get the seal of approval from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. The source added that while the photos needed to be reshot, Lohan would be keeping one thing the same: She wouldn’t appear fully nude in the issue. (MTV)

Recently, Miami rapper Pitbull filed a countersuit against Lohan after she accused him of damaging her image with a name reference on his “Give Me Everything” summer anthem.

He’s filed a countersuit, claiming that her multiple prison sentences support the lyric, and also that Lohan was ineligible to file the original suit in New York, since she is demonstrably a resident of California. (Because, well, she spends a lot of time in its jails.) Memo to clubs of the greater Los Angeles area: This is definitely not the week to resurrect “Give Me Everything.” (New York Mag)

In Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy’s My Infamous Life spring autobiography, he reveals previously flirting with Lohan at an event.

“At the after-party, DJ Whoo Kid was talking to this good-looking white girl who kept checking me out. When she sat back down with her girlfriends, I walked over, we kicked it for about twenty minutes, and I got her phone number. She told me she was from Long Island but lived in Los Angeles. Whoo Kid walked over after she left. ‘Yo, you know who that was?’ he said. ‘No, why? Who is she?’ ‘Lindsay Lohan,’ he said. ‘Lindsay who?’ I asked. ‘She’s an actress, ni**a,’ he said, laughing. ‘Did you get her number?’ ‘Yeah, I didn’t know who she was.’ I may have heard her name once or twice, but I really didn’t know who she was.” (My Infamous Life)

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Written by S. Samuel

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