Rapper Lil Zane has stepped up to address recent hype surrounding a diss record targeting Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator and clarified he is merely responding to the West Coast hip-hop artist.

According to Zane, Tyler struck first and he simply complied with a response track.

“First of all I wanna say I never did a diss record in my life. It was a response record. And the reason why I recorded it was basically just standing up for myself. … But, really, there is no beef. I did what any other man would’ve done. I’m not a troublemaker; I don’t go around starting things. But, I do defend myself. And if somebody tries to degrade my character or my craft, the way I was raised up, my pops taught me if someone hits you, you hit ’em back. If someone talks about you, you talk about ’em back. You stand up for yourself. So that’s what it was.” (Hip Hop DX)

The rapper claims what started as a Twitter beef later escalated to frequent viral attacks.

“So the next thing was I started seeing videos and stuff coming out, stuff on YouTube with him saying, “Hey, I’m Lil’ Zane” and “You can catch a fade with Lil’ Zane.” Whatever he would say he would like always bring [my name into it]. Whatever he was talking about, it had nothing to do with me. It had nothing to do with me at all, and he would just find a way to put my name in there, say “I’m Lil’ Zane” or whatever. [But] it’s like, basically if you saying you Lil’ Zane then you saying f*ck yourself.” (Hip Hop DX)

Tyler’s disses motivated Zane to eventually drop his “N*ggaz In Paris” freestyle record going at him.

“I heard n*ggas tryna find me/I heard Cash Money signed me/I did a song with Lil Wayne, been balling since the mid-’90s,” Zane raps, “I’m the creator, n*gga f*ck Ty/N*ggas thought I was gonna let that slide/Tired of rap n*ggas tryna diss my pride.” (“N*ggaz In Paris” Freestyle)

His hip-hop career dates back over ten years.

At age 10, Zane was inspired by Another Bad Creation and Kris Kross, and he got more serious about his eventual career and started rehearsing with his cousin. A year later, he began entering local Atlanta talent shows. He then started touring with 112 while recording his debut album. He is best known for his debut album Young World: The Future, released in 2000, which featured the single “Callin’ Me” featuring 112. (Wikipedia)

Check out Lil Zane’s “N*ggas In Paris” freestyle below: