Lil Yachty Warns Any Woman About Coming Sideways At His Mom: “If A Female Ever Spoke To My Mother Like This…”

Written By Rosario Harper

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty doesn't play around when it comes to respect being paid to his mom. The hip-hop star took a moment to come online this week to remind women they should give his day one the same manners she would give them.


Lil Yachty Warns Women About Disrespecting Mom

This week, Yachty took a moment to go online with some warning footage to the opposite sex. The clip features a woman airing out her hubby for having his mom sit in the front seat of their car instead of her.

“If a female ever spoke to my mother like this, I wouldn’t have anything else to say to her” -Lil Yachty’s Twitter

Lil Yachty warns women about disrespecting his mom.

High-Key Details

Recently, Lil Boat went to his social media pages with some new pics. Yachty let fans know he doesn’t play around when it comes to having fresh fingernails and toenails.

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Wait, There’s More

In June 2020, Yachty made massive headlines after surviving a near-death car wreck in Atlanta. Yachty’s whip hydroplaned after getting caught up in a rainstorm.

The rapper was driving on Georgia State Route 400 Monday during some nasty rain and spun out, smashing into a barrier along the shoulder. Our sources say there was a lot of standing water on the road, causing the sports car to hydroplane. Yachty lost control and you can see how the impact destroyed his car. (TMZ)

Before You Go

After the accident went down, Yachty went to social media to update fans on his well-being. While he didn’t go into details about what happened, Lil Boat did say he embraced life.

“So thankful for my life. Never take it for granted.” -Lil Yachty’s Twitter

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