Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty knows his limits. The hip-hop newcomer has turned down a challenge from radio veteran Funkmaster Flex to face-off against battle rapper Murda Mook.

In a series of social media exchanges, Yachty and Flex argued over the battle scenario.


Hours prior, Funk Flex went directly at Yachty and challenged him to battle Mook.


Yesterday (December 16), Flex continued to troll Yachty and rap rival Bow Wow on social media.


Earlier in the day, footage surfaced of Funk Flex dissing Bow Wow and Yachty.

“You know what it is! Funk Flex! We in that BX! Oun-P, Murda Mook, now listen, that’s called motherf*ckin’ bars n*gga! You know nothing about that! You know why!? ‘Cause you a mumble rapper Bow Wow! A mumble rapper! Lil Yachty, you don’t want nothing too! Neither of you n*ggas want nothing ’cause Murda Mook is standing right there, put him on the f*cking camera!” (Hot 97)