Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty recently talked about his music influences and explained how much of an impact hip-hop artists like Lil B have on him.

When asked about his biggest music influences, Yachty said he appreciated everyone from rock group Coldplay to the Based God.

“Coldplay is probably one of my biggest [influences]. Coldplay, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, [A$AP] Rocky, Tyler, the Creator, Lil B. 100 percent. I don’t know, it’s like a mixture, bro. … If I could, I’d sit down with Lord Jamar – he was saying a n*gga like me is destroying hip-hop. Like, OK, to say something like that, to say Lil Yachty’s destroying hip-hop, his fans are dumb or something like that, I want to know what makes you say that.” (Beats 1)

This week, Yachty backtracked on calling late hip-hop mogul Notorious B.I.G. overrated.

Earlier this month, Yachty defended initially calling B.I.G. overrated.








The controversy went viral hours prior when Yachty simply labeled Biggie Smalls overrated.