Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty is back at it again. After turning his Instagram Live into a talent show two weeks ago by paying fans to do the most, he’s gone online once more to make jaws drop.

Big Facts

Lil Yachty’s talent show didn’t disappoint. This past weekend, Lil Boat sent $500 to a fan who allegedly drank urine out of his sister’s toilet. The fan who initially struggled to down the glass had the rapper encouraging him all the way. Once Yachty was convinced the fan has done the deed, he requested his cash app to make the transfer as promised.

Fans do their best to earn money on Lil Yachty’s talent show

High-Key Details

Some of the highlights of his first digital event included Boat paying a fan $200 to do the unthinkable to his face. Yachty also paid another person to eat dog food.

Yachty paid a kid $200 to shave his eyebrows off on his Instagram Live
The challenges have been pretty wild with the rapper even challenging people to eat dog food

Wait, There’s More

Fellow rapper Tory Lanez has been going wild on IG Live too with his Quarantine Radio broadcasts. Lanez recently featured some of music’s biggest stars such as DMX, Chris Brown, 21 Savage, and more last week. Not only is his live full of rap royalty, but he also invites some lucky ladies on to dance.

Quarantine creativity: Tory Lanez has also been hosting Quarantine Radio to get fans through this tough time

Before You Go

In the meantime, fans can hope for the recently-freed Tekashi 6ix9ine to hop back on Instagram. He commented for the first time this past Sunday and shot a joke at himself about snitching.

“Coming to the rescue” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram

Tekashi 6ix9ine hopped back on Instagram after recently being freed from prison