Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty stays with the jokes. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to deliver some pure digital savagery at Chance The Rapper‘s expense.

Yachty x Chance

This week, Chance The Rapper went deep into his throwback stash. The Chicago native shared a vintage pic from his childhood and sparked a ton of reactions including plenty from Yachty.

“I’m not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” -Chance The Rapper’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Instead of just throwing up a like or an emoji, Yachty decided to go off-off on Chance. Lil Boat joked on everything from Chance probably being a biter back in the day to growling.

“Lmao aye brah. U look like u use to growl if u ain’t get yo way hahaha. U look like u kept two mixed match hot wheels in yo right pocket. U look like u use to fight at the park. U look like u use to bite lmaooo” -LIl Yachty’s Instagram

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Name the rapper #LilYachty roasting 😂➡️

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Wait, There’s More

In April 2020, Chance went to Instagram to share the seven-year anniversary of his Acid Rap album. Chance also encouraged his followers to share some reflections.

“7 years. #acidrap tag someone this mixtape reminds you of” -Chance The Rapper’s Instagram

Before You Go

Chance put out the project back in 2013 and received rave reviews. The project features a mixture of pleasant sounds.

Acid Rap isn’t trying to be an alternative; it’s an attempt to encompass everything. There are shout outs, musical or lyrical, to practically every important Chicago tradition short of Thrill Jockey. It invites elements of classic soul, juke, gospel, blues-rock, drill, acid jazz, house, ragtime scat, and R. KellyTwista, and a young Kanye to the same open mic poetry night, where the kid on-stage is declaiming about what’s going unreported. Its genius is that he somehow makes this work. (Pitchfork)