Lil Yachty Announces New Chicago Concert and It’s 100 Percent Coronavirus-Free

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty isn't letting the global coronavirus pandemic slow down his connection to fans. The hip-hop star has announced plans to perform a live Chicago concert in the coming days.

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Lil Yachty’s Coronavirus-Free Concert

On Monday, Lil Boat went to his social media pages to break the news to fans. Barring any setbacks, the concert is expected to happen in mid-August and be a drive in event.


Lil Yachty’s coronavirus-free concert is coming.

According to the Lakeshore Drive In series website, there is a heavy emphasis on making sure concert attendees are safe and socially distanced.

Reviving Chicago’s live experience industry. We have come together to create a socially responsible event series that puts gigs in the hands of industry professionals and creates space for Chicagoans to get back to enjoying live entertainment safely. ​ Chicago’s music, arts, and culture are unlike any other. The Lakeshore Drive-In will combine local talent with national leaders to showcase truly unique experiences. (Lakeshores Drive In)

High-Key Details

The Yachty concert announcement comes hours after former G.O.O.D Music artist Desiigner claimed the coronavirus pandemic was over. This past weekend, the New York rapper explained why he didn’t have any concerns about getting a COVID-19 infection.

“No funny, corona is fake gone. No funny sh*t. Enjoy life, no cap. We ain’t even on that type of vibe. That corona sh*t is BS. You feel me? I ain’t get sick yet. I’m outside healthy. Yes sir!”

Desiigner calls COVID-19 fake.

Coincidentally, Desiigner spent May 2020 pushing coronavirus awareness. He even put out his very own facial mask protection in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

“Baby I’m not worried about a thing 💯🙏🏾🔥🎶 #survivor” -Desiigner’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

West Coast rapper Doja Cat is providing some more clarity and details into her recent bout with the COVID-19 infection. The hip-hop star went to her social media pages last week to dish on how she dealt with coronavirus. On Wednesday, Doja hit up her Twitter page for a non-stop interaction with concerned followers. She dished on everything from the symptoms she experienced with COVID-19 and said the virus had left her body.

“not anymore,” Doja tweeted when asked if she still had COVID-19. “I couldn’t taste bacon and my legs hurt. [Respiratory issues?] No. [Fever?] For 2 days yea … [Scared of it now?] Never was. Thats why I got it in the first place.” -Doja Cat’s Twitter

Doja Cat’s COVID-19 experience came packed with symptoms.

Before You Go

Heading into the prior weekend, Doja broke massive news to fans during an interview. While she couldn’t exactly pinpoint what might have caused her coronavirus infection, Cat said it could have happened from a food delivery.

“I got COVID,” she said during an appearance on Capital XTRA yesterday (July 24). “Honestly, I don’t know how this happens but I guess I ordered something off of Postmates and I don’t know how I got it but I got it.” The musician, whose real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini, said she was “OK now”, but didn’t confirm when she thought she had the virus. “It was a four-day symptom freak out but I’m fine now,” she added. (NME)

Doja Cat has coronavirus and dishes on dealing with the global pandemic.

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne Writer. When I'm not covering hip-hop news and announcements, I'm deep into an Audible book and eating veggies.

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  1. Ooo drive in concerts! Ain’t heard bout many yet Kool. I *was* gonna c u can’t *guarantee* Anywhere 100% corona free .. but if it’s cars all separate then is pretty safe but – for insurance purposes best not to guarantee 100% so u don’t get sued blah. I hope they make options for ppl who don’t have cars or can’t drive tho

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