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Lil Yachty Admits He Slipped Up + Is Embarrassed Over New Look: “My TikTok Was Never Supposed To Get Out”

Written By Biz Jones

Lil Yachty Selfie Moment Clip Perm
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Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty is keeping it 100 with the fans. The hip-hop star went online this past weekend to admit he slipped up by letting a now-viral TikTok video clip reach the masses.

Lil Yachty Regrets TikTok

Heading into Monday, Lil Boat went to his Twitter page to face the music. Instead of staying mum, Yachty admitted he didn’t mean for his TikTok clip – which featured him donning a perm – to go out publicly.

“I ain’t gone lie my TikTok was never supposed to get out now that it’s been found I am embarrassed” -Lil Yachty’s Twitter

Lil Yachty regrets TikTok video going viral.

High-Key Details

Heading into Sunday, social media didn’t waste an opportunity to go in on Yachty. People let loose on Lil Boat after he showed the world a first look at his new hairstyle.

Lil Yachty’s new hairstyle ignites some hard-hitting memes.

Wait, There’s More

This past weekend, Yachty hit up his social media pages to get at President Donald Trump. Instead of getting super deep, Lil Boat simply said he couldn’t give Trump a pass if he went through on a ban of social media giant TikTok.

“I’ll never forgive trump if he ban tiktok fr” -Lil Yachty’s Twitter

Lil Yachty slams Trump over possible TikTok ban.

The Internet lit up everyone’s social media feeds with smoke aimed at Trump. People went at Donald with a slew of epic memes in an effort to make him reconsider ending TikTok for people in the Untied States.

“TikTok can’t ruin anymore songs. God is good 🙏🏽” -Hip Hop Memes Daily’s Instagram

Donald Trump’s TikTok trolling is too savage to miss.

Before You Go

On Friday, President Trump told media and reporters he would most likely use an executive order power to ban the Chinese-owned social media giant. Despite its massive popularity and celebrity accounts, Donald is determined to end the TikTok app from Americans in the United States.

Trump made the comments while chatting with reporters on Air Force One. “As far as TikTok is concerned we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump said.  Trump did not specify whether he will act through an executive order, or another method such as a designation, according to NBC News. (CNBC)

Trump also revealed his decision to order China’s ByteDance Ltd. to give its ownership of the music-themed video app to another company. TikTok’s run in the United States could fade to black in the coming hours.

President Donald Trump plans to announce a decision ordering China’s ByteDance Ltd. to divest its ownership of the music-video app TikTok, which is popular with U.S. teens, according to people familiar with the matter. The U.S. has been investigating potential national security risks due to the company’s control of the app, and Trump’s decision could be announced as soon as Friday, the people said. “We are looking at TikTok. We may be banning TikTok,” Trump told reporters at the White House Friday. “We are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok.” (Bloomberg)

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Written by Biz Jones

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