After selling over a million records in one week, Lil’ Wayne continues the promotion of his new album, Tha Carter III, by shooting a video for his second single, "Got Money," which features T-Pain. In this SOHH Exclusive we talk to the video’s director, Gil Green.

"We just wrapped [with] Lil’ Wayne [and] T-Pain," said Green.  "[It] is gonna be the biggest video ever.  It’s taking over the game.  [Wayne] already took over the game last week but now he’s really taking over the game."

Green, who has worked with Flo Rida, Young Buck, Mario and DJ Khaled, also directed the video for Weezy’s first single, "Lollipop."  He predicts that this video will top the first.

"People are going to feel that he’s larger than life.  We’re taking Lil’ Wayne on another level," he said. "We took up one step with "Lollipop" and we’re gonna take him on the next step with this one, "Got Money."

"It’s gonna remind you of some old expensive video from back in the day when you see this and the lights… wow. I can’t talk too much about it but it’s gonna be crazy."

Though Green declined to provide anymore details about the video, according to, the concept centers around a bank robbery complete with an armored truck, curvaceous crooks, police officers and, of course, lots of cash.

In related news, T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne are in talks to collaborate on an upcoming album. At the 2008 BET Awards the rapper turned singer donned a, "T-Wayne," t-shirt that hinted at the possible collabo.