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Lil Wayne’s Underwear-Less Trukfit Pic Sparks Controversy, Female Victim Goes At Weezy’s Pockets

Written By Biz Jones

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Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne should call up the best attorney money can buy after being sued by a model for using her image without permission on a Trukfit Clothing T-shirt.

According to reports, victim Shanise Taylor has gone after Weezy F. Baby’s neck for using a 2011 photo session shot, doctoring it and placing it on a retail shirt.

Taylor says she never signed off on the shirts using her bod — and, furthermore, she never would want her image “on apparel associated with misogyny and violence.” Taylor retained the Mase Lara law firm in Miami to take on Weezy. She claims she’s been humiliated, and wants the shirts to disappear, plus an unspecified amount of damages for her troubles. (TMZ)

Recent reports claimed Wayne would give up his private skate park to help settle a $2 million judgement.

Wayne took out a $1.5 million loan to help pay back the $2 million he owes to a private jet company. According to the docs — obtained by TMZ — he’s using his Miami skate park as collateral. The good news … this means Wayne will get to hold on to the $2 million worth of art work cops seized. (TMZ)

Weezy F. Baby hopped onto Twitter and dished out some frustrations in early November.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.51.21 PM

Aside from the legal drama, Wayne announced his new No Ceilings 2 mixtape’s release date earlier this month.

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Written by Biz Jones

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