Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is not ready for a Cash Money reunion quite yet. New footage has surfaced of Weezy F. Baby taking shots at his record label.

A clip has gone viral and shows Weezy screaming “F*ck Cash Money” during a live concert.

Coincidentally, Wayne recently said he hoped to resolve his Cash Money woes.

Earlier this month, Cash Money boss Baby addressed his situation with Wayne this week and vowed to fix their situation.

“Um, I’ma heal that,” Birdman said when asked how he currently felt about his relationship with Lil Wayne. “That’s still my son. I don’t like how a lot of this sh*t went down. That’s not like a lot of sh*t that we have said. But, um, at the end of the day, I will never in my life say nothing negative about him – I won’t finish the game without Wayne.”

Last month, cameras spotted Wayne donning a “F**k Cash Money” hat outside in Los Angeles.

Lil Wayne’s wardrobe is now doing his trash-talking for him. Weezy’s favorite Birdman slam is emblazoned on a white hat he’s rocking in L.A. It’s a strong hint that Mr. Carter and the Cash Money honcho have made ZERO progress on settlement talks in Wayne’s $51 mil lawsuit. (TMZ)

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