Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has a loud and proud woman by his side in Denise Bidot. The hip-hop star’s overnight girlfriend has come forward to encourage people to embrace their physical attributes and self beauty.

Denise Bidot x Beauty

Heading into Monday, Bidot went to her Instagram page to share a batch of new pics Lil Wayne would easily like. The shots feature her embracing bikini goals in a pool and dishing on the importance of living her best life.

“Letting the stretch marks, rolls and cellulite free… because life’s way too short to be worried about anything other than living your best life 💙😎” -Denise Bidot’s Instagram

High-Key Details

This past Friday, DB hit up Instagram with a must-like shot. The pic highlighted her and Wayne sharing ride or die vibes as they exchanged kisses.

“I could kiss you forever… 🖤” -Denise Bidot’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

A few weeks ago, Weezy F. Baby went full-blown public about his feelings for Denise. Lil Wayne shared a pic of his model girlfriend soaking in sun rays in a swimming pool.

“All…” -Lil Wayne’s Instagram

“Yours…✨❤️😘” -Denise Bidot

Lil Wayne goes public about his new girlfriend

Before You Go

Days prior, the rap star’s new girlfriend Denise Bidot went to her Instagram Story with a series of three pictures boo’d up next to Lil Wayne as his new girlfriend. Her caption hinted at a special relationship brewing.

“Somehow in the middle of all the madness something special happened. Us” -Denise Bidot’s Instagram

Lil Wayne unveils his new girlfriend