Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne isn’t one to mince his words. The hip-hop superstar came clean on his publicized label woes this past weekend during his Mass Appeal Live at the BBQ performance.

During his set, Wayne addressed the packed South By Southwest festival crowd with an update on his Cash Money battle.

“Ladies and gentlemen we’ve had an awesome f*cking time tonight,” Wayne said. “In all honesty, I know y’all do know I am going through some bullsh*t with my motherf*ckin’ career and n*ggas trying to steer my career without letting me do or say a damn thing. But, it’s moments like this that make that bullsh*t this big to me. I appreciate you. If you think that I am stressing or letting this sh*t get to me, please remember there’s too much good p*ssy and too many great motherf*cking loyal fans to worry about bullsh*t a** Birdman! Music!”

Wayne’s publicized issues with Cash Money boss Birdman has sparked shots from rap star Rick Ross toward the music executive.

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Music executive Wack 100 has publicly come to Baby’s defense in the feud.


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Since the feud went viral, footage has surfaced of artists like Dave East and Fabolous listening to Ross’ “Idols Become Rivals” diss track.