Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is letting the world know he is not responsible for the latest Dedication 4 hold up and said business has kept the project from coming out sooner.

According to Weezy F. Baby, his manager Cortez Bryant wanted him to allow DJ Drama to help promote the project rather than rushing it online.

D4 is done, it’s right here,” Wayne said in a video. “But let me tell you how this is going down — y’all remember how when I used to do mixtapes – when I’m finished, I used to just drop them online, just free, [you could] grab them off line. … I finished but my man [manager] Cortez [Bryant] – he told me he don’t want me to do it that way this time. He said, ‘No, don’t let it out free. You’re not just giving them the songs. Don’t do that.’ He wanted Drama to properly set it up and all that, I don’t know, some business stuff, I don’t know that stuff, all I do is rap. So my part, my job is done, just letting y’all know, my job is done. We over here banging it, me and my n*ggas – they dropping it on the third, I think that’s Monday. So they’re dropping on Monday. I don’t want to give y’all any more dates because I’m done. I’m finished.” (Bread Over Bed)

After the mixtape missed its scheduled August 30th release, Drama revealed it would become available on Labor Day.

Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4” was supposed to be released on August 30, but it didn’t come out as scheduled. It turns out that the new mixtape, a collaboration with DJ Drama, has been postponed for a second time. While Weezy promises on his official website to have the street album “coming soon,” Drama is more willing to reveal when exactly fans will be able to download the mixtape. “Sep. 3rd. #d4 …..,” the disc jockey tweets the new release date. (Ace Showbiz)

Last week, Weezy hinted at the new project dropping at the end of the month.

“D4 aug-30,” he tweeted August 23rd in reference to the upcoming mixtape. (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Wayne previously cited Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz‘s debut album for the first delay.

“I know I was supposed to drop that Dedication 4 tonight – but listen, my homeboy 2 Chainz just dropped his album yesterday. That’s my real, real, real good homeboy right there and I refuse to put any attention on me when the spotlight, everybody’s eyes, everybody’s attention and everybody’s focus should be on my n*gga 2 Chainz’s album Based On A T.R.U. Story. So therefore I ain’t giving you b*tches Dedication 4 yet. I’ma give it to ya’ll in another week or so. But I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t finished that motherf*cker. I’ve been skating and sh*t, falling and sh*t and all that type of sh*t, but I’ll give it to you like, next week. Stop trippin’ pimp.” (Bread Over Bed)

Check out Lil Wayne’s announcement below: