Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has nothing but love and admiration for Black Mamba. The hip-hop superstar has paid big respect to the life of late NBA icon Kobe Bryant with his new Funeral album.

Big Facts: On the newly released LP, Weezy F. Baby remembered No. 24 with a special nod at the end of one of his tracks.

On A Related Note: At last night’s Los Angeles Lakers game, star player LeBron James dedicated a speech in Kobe’s memory.

Wait, There’s More: Recently, Wayne talked about the importance of putting out more modern-sounding tunes.

“What the new thing is for me is actually trying to put out music that sounds a little more like today’s music. What that means for me … is adding hooks. I forget about hooks. I forget ’em. Somebody gotta come in the booth and stop me from rapping, like, ‘This is where you stop it and add a hook.’” (Q 93.3)

Before You Go: Over the past few days, Wayne has hyped fans up for his new LP.