Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne knows his Young Money team has the next three months on lock. Young Money president Mack Maine has hyped fans up about what’s to come.

Mack went to Instagram this week with a pic of Wayne low-key telling him about his Young Money summer takeover. Maine also confirmed protégé Drake is set to lead the charge with the upcoming Scorpion studio album.

Last week, Drake shocked fans with his album release date announcement and premiering the “I’m Upset” video.


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JUNE 29 2018 🦂

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[SOHH Noteworthy: In April, Drake announced his Scorpion album title and June release plans.]

Recently, Drake’s rap rival Pusha-T reacted to rumors about the 6 God possibly having a career-ending diss record in the stash.

“You know, I don’t know. I just feel like if there was something that was beneficial for either of those two guys [Drake or J. Prince], they would do it. I think they’re into doing anything that’s beneficial for them. [Do I think it’s a bluff?] I don’t want to call them scared. I just want to say that they’re thinking. They’re doing what’s best for them. … Yeah. I felt like the whole idea of a battle—I don’t know what was gained or what was lost. … It’s different because there’s a lot of sympathy and compassion and things like that I didn’t know existed. That’s why it’s not even fun to me anymore.” (GQ)

“Power” star Joseph “Tommy” Sikora recently talked to SOHH about the epic Pusha/Drake battle and questioned if Drizzy had a game-changing diss track.

“Tommy would lean toward Pusha-T in the feud. I think. Just lyrically Pusha’s bringing it. As Joseph, I can’t see Drake coming up with something in response that’s going to be a career-ender for Pusha. Pusha’s been on-point. With people saying, ‘These guys are going for each other. They’re gunning,’ I think there’s something to be said about a classic rivalry battle going on that actually puts people to the next level and challenges people and I kind of applaud both of them for being real emcees. I’m enjoying watching it from the sidelines.” (SOHH)