Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is going full throttle for the release of his upcoming Tha Carter V solo album with a star-studded guest list of hip-hop artists including Game, Drake, Kanye West and more.

According to a new rumored tracklist, Weezy F. Baby’s next solo offering will deliver 12 songs.

Should the list be authentic, “Tha Carter V” will feature an array of guests. Game and Drake feature on a song together — the intro — while Kanye West contributes a verse to a song titled “No Answers.” Check the full track list below. 1. “Intro” feat. Game, Drake 2. “Flown” feat. Birdman, Future 3. “Kill ‘Em” feat. Meek Mill 4. “KIRN” 5. “Not a Chance” feat. the Weeknd, Future 6. “No Answers” feat. Kanye West 7. “Interlude” 8. “They Ain’t Wit Us” feat. Drake, Young Thug 9. “Tomorrow Ain’t Tomorrow” feat. Rich Homie Quan 10. “Can’t Trust ‘Em” feat. Bun B, J. Cole 11. “Forty” feat. Future, Nas 12. “The End – Outro” feat. Birdman (Billboard)

Earlier this week, Wayne announced the launch of his “Weezy Wednesdays” vlog for the buildup to his album’s release.

The first episode, “Lil Wayne’s Krib,” dropped tonight, and all of the above questions are addressed. Lil Wayne gives viewers a tour of his house in New Orleans, a la MTV Cribs, except more focused on the mundane details. Among the things we learn: *Lil Wayne uses a Keurig coffee maker and likes his coffee with three spoonfuls of sugar. “So basically I don’t have sugar in my coffee,” he explains. “I have coffee with my sugar.” *What a vlog is and that it might be boring (this is reiterated several times). *That Lil Wayne slept alone the night before he made this, and he did not make his bed. (Complex)

During a concert earlier this month in New Orleans, Young Money’s Drake broke big news of Wayne’s new LP release date.

Tha Carter V is coming sooner than you think. During the kickoff to NBA All-Star Weekend, Drake revealed the release date for Lil Wayne’s highly-anticipated album. The Toronto MC shared the stage with the Young Money chief at the Sprite NBA All-Star party at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Friday night, where he made the big announcement. “If you want to hear Lil Wayne at his best, if you wanna hear Young Money at they best… Carter V, May 5,” said Drizzy. “Just know we about this sh*t for real.” (Rap-Up)

While brief and strictly to the point, Drizzy referenced the mysterious LP on Twitter days prior.

“CARTER V,” Drake wrote February 10. (Drake’s Twitter)

Over summer 2013, Weezy F. Baby said he saw himself hanging up the microphone after Carter V dropped.

“Yes, very true,” Wayne said when asked if his retirement plans are still on deck. “I want to retire after Tha Carter V which I hope will be my last album. My next album’s not Tha Carter V because I think I have to work on other albums as well with my pop, Birdman, and things like that. But after Tha Carter V, I hope I can retire. [laughs] … [I’ll be able to do] things like spend quality time with my kids.” (“The Jimmy Kimmel Show”)

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