A Florida man can breathe a sigh of relief after being busted for lurking around rap star Lil Wayne‘s Florida home last month.

According to new reports, the man claims Wayne gave him permission to see his home.

We’re told police then spotted the guy outside and grilled him. He said Lil Wayne had given him permission to come inside, but when cops told him Wayne wasn’t there the story kind of fell apart. It’s a tense time for Wayne, who’s locked in a battle with his mentor Birdman and Cash Money. In the end … the lurker had done nothing wrong. He did not enter the property so there was no crime. The guy left and the cops called it a day. (TMZ)

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According to reports, the suspicious activity went down on February 28.

Law enforcement officials tell us Miami Beach PD rushed to Weezy’s after the call — around 3 AM — saying there was a suspicious looking man on the rapper’s block. We’re told Weezy wasn’t home at the time, but cops searched his yard for the suspect … and came up with nothing. No one ticketed, no one arrested. The commotion did alarm a few neighbors though. (TMZ)

Wayne treated fans to a picture alongside his and actress Lauren London‘s son Cameron Carter last weekend.


Recently, G-Unit head 50 Cent weighed-in on Lil Wayne’s feud with Cash Money boss Baby.

“I’m surprised to see Wayne going through that because of the relationship between him and Baby. I think it’ll work itself out. I hate when things become public because everyone speculates on things they really don’t know. I just know that they have a father-son relationship and that can easily be something they can communicate between the two of them and resolve instead of having everybody involved in it. Be careful of the things you say about the Wayne and Baby situation because Baby will forgive Wayne for the things he’s saying and Wayne will forgive Baby for the things that he’s saying but they may not forgive you.” (MTV News)