Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is adding a touch of New York flavor to his upcoming Tha Carter IV album by recruiting The LOX’s Jadakiss to contribute to the long-awaited LP.

While details are still scarce, Kiss said the collaboration is slated to also feature Young Money’s Drake and Young Jeezy.

“I just recorded a joint for Tha Carter IV,” says Jadakiss between tokes of his blunt. “I also got to do something for Jeezy’s TM103 today or tomorrow. Those joints are going to cover a lot of ground…As far as I know it’s a 100%. It’s supposed to be me, Weezy, Jeezy and Drake–that’s what [Young Money president] Mack [Maine] told me. I can’t remember the name of the song but it’s pain on the record…It’s definitely some deep lyrics, not just some popping bottles sh*t.” (VIBE)

Last week, producer Jim Jonsin hinted at a Weezy and Pitbull Carter IV collaboration coming together.

Jonsin reveals that he produced what will likely be the next single from Tha Carter IV, due June 21. “It’s got similarities to ‘Lollipop,'” says the hitmaker. “It’s just a little slower and it has similar sounds in it, so people may relate it to the step-brother of ‘Lollipop.’ It’s also [got] completely different melodies and chords.” He shared two potential titles for the song, which are “Blows My Brains” and “She’s Always in My Head.” Pitbull also contributed to the record, but it’s uncertain if he’ll appear on the final version. “Pitbull help me write the song,” adds Jonsin. “He has a verse and he did like a B-section on there, but I’m not sure if Wayne and Pit have agreed to keep him on there or what.” (Rap-Up)

Young Money president Mack Maine recently talked about Wayne’s new album being delayed through June 21st.

“He’s still perfecting a few things, he’s a perfectionist … changing a few lines,” Maine said in an interview. “We also have a huge record that wasn’t done yet. We’re in L.A. right now. We have a little studio time and it should be done probably by Monday…If you calculate all of [the guest appearances], by the time we would’ve finished mixing, we wouldn’t have met the [original] due date to turn in the album. So we had to push it back.” (MTV)

Maine also confirmed the album’s recently leaked cover art was authentic.

Earlier this week, rumors hit the ‘net that Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album, Tha Carter IV, was pushed back from May 16 until June. has learned exclusively, that the claims are indeed true. Young Money president, Mack Maine, informed XXL that Weezy’s follow up to 2008’s multi-platinum selling Carter III LP will be hitting shelves on June 21. We also confirmed that the graduation photo of a pre-teenage Wayne, sporting his signature facial tattoos that leaked online earlier this week, as well, is the official cover art to the disc. (XXL Mag)

Tha Carter IV is currently set to hit stores Tuesday, June 21st.

Check out some recent Lil Wayne footage below: