In this week’s Pulse Report, Lil Wayne should receive a bottle of champagne for making Pitbull relevant again in hip-hop, Rick Ross proves there’s nothing wrong with hanging with cops, 50 Cent gets dissed in the worst way with a kiss and oh SOHH much more goes down!

1. It’s The Return Of Mr. 305


[Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

Do people realize how long it’s been since we’ve heard those, “It’s Mr. 305…” lines from Pitbull? It’s felt like years and years and years. Look, you can’t knock anyone’s hustle. Whether it’s T-Pain trying to make some country music or your favorite rappers wearing dresses on-stage, you’ve got to get in where you fit in. Pause. And unfortunately, that’s meant Pitbull leaving his “Mr. 305” moniker and cashing-in with those clubby, pop records that really don’t deserve to be anywhere other than the introduction of a “Jersey Shore” episode. With that being said, Pit started coming back with his “Harlem Shake” freestyle but even more when Wayne made sure to call him his bro after getting straight up dissed.

“Dam pit bull bro I thought u was kool.,” Wayne tweeted Wednesday (February 27). (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Just for the record, watch that video up above. Of course Pitbull didn’t do it himself, but it’s funny seeing how much love he gets in Miami and how far those South Beach kids will go to diss Wayne by stomping him out! LOL. If that wasn’t street cred enough for you, then peep what Pit said back to Weezy:


“@LilTunechi I am cool papo but imagine me sh*tting on anything new orleans which I was just there for super bowl the big easy I loved it,” Pit tweeted back.

“@LilTunechi the world shows me love and vice versa but miami is all I got no disrespect just the truth” (Pitbull’s Twitter)

Excellent points made by Mr. 305. Once again, this probably isn’t going to stop Pit from doing those pop/dance records, because we all gotta eat and keep the lights turned on, but at least he’s won a lot of us back, especially me. I consider this that same moment on Andre 3000‘s The Love Below where the entire record is him singing but you get to that last track and he rips it with an insane freestyle, just letting us know he’s got it and can turn it on at any given moment. Applaud this doggy!

Rick Ross: Cop & A Half

2. Rick Ross: Cop & A Half

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with cops. Honestly. I know in this hip-hop game, we are under the notion or idea that if you roll with cops, you’re a snitch or weak or something, right? Cam’ron might have done it best when he said if there was a killer in his apartment building, he might move but not inform the police. At some point, you’ve got to realize how dumb it is to try to always look at cops/police as the bad guys. Now with that being said, you also cannot go around acting like the cops/police are the bad guys in your raps and acting like you don’t need anyone but your own crew to hold you down….Rick Ross?

rick-ross-2012-07-09-300x300.jpgPolice Tape

Rick Ross — the rapper who has allegedly been targeted by a dangerous gang — is being protected by NYC cops round-the-clock because of recent threats … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. We’ve learned cops have been guarding Ross at The London Hotel for the last few days. Sources tell us, recent threats have been specifically aimed at the rapper … and he’s not taking them lightly. (TMZ)

Once again, keep in mind, police/cops should not be frowned upon in this instance. Rick Ross nearly had his life taken from him a couple months ago and they are probably keeping him from harm’s way. However, you can’t boast about gangsters doing real things when you’re rolling around squad-deep with NYPD’s Finest. Sorry, Ross, but that’s not a “boss” move on your behalf. Either kill the tough-guy look or lose the cops.

50 Cent: Moment of the Week

3. Moment of the Week: The 5-0 Cent “Kiss Diss” Heard Around The World

I made reference to this in this week’s SOHH Cap Diss, but as much as I like to clown on 5-0 Cent, I even felt kind of bad for him when he got rejected with the kiss. I felt really bad mostly because it just happened to be a cute, white reporter Erin Andrews. Something tells me if it were Pam Oliver, it would not have been such a big story. But regardless, 5-0 being played by a female reporter had to hurt. Regardless of if she really wasn’t trying to get kissed by him or if it was all spur of the moment, it definitely was the biggest “Moment of the Week.”

“Pit Row minutes before the 500 starts is chaotic. I’m a big fan of @50cent! #kiss #NONtroversey,” Andrews tweeted February 25th. (Erin Andrews’ Twitter)

“Denied ?Wow they called me to interview with @ErinAndrews,we are working together on my street king energy campaign.that’s why I was being nice.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

This is still too funny. The way he puckered up his lips, thinking he was just going to plant them onto Erin? LOL! He probably just figured what happens at NASCAR stays at NASCAR. 50 has messed with his fair share of famous women, but with him nearing 40, not dropping platinum-selling albums on a regular basis and making straight-to-DVD flicks, you’ve got to wonder how much of a hit this had on his ego.

Mrs. Butterworth: Sports Illustrated 2013

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Sports Illustrated 2013

Don’t be mad, y’all, I couldn’t go with just one. Truth be told, I really had my heart set out on doing Kate Upton for Mrs. Butterworth, especially considering she does cover the 2013 Sports Illustrated cover, but then again, the more I thought about it and the more photos of the “other” women featured kept popping up, I realized I had to just shine light on beauty once and for all. I know this kind of breaks my whole “celebrity” approach, but whatever, these women deserve some shine. And yes, your eyes are not acting up, these photos “are” that big.

As Drake would say, Thank me later…

And of course there’s some visual goodness just waiting to be observed.

Rappers Say The Darndest Things

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

Last week was a very special Pulse Report, because we put the shine completely on Lil Wayne and his whole Miami problems. We’re back to normal once again and focusing on your favorite rappers kinda, sorta, well, killing themselves with their own mouths. Who did it to ’em, first? None other than Nicki Minaj. Nicki, why would you say, “I haven’t gotten any plastic surgery done to my face,” when you could have just said no plastic surgery at all? SMH. Now you really put yourself on blast. Then it’s Tyler, the Creator. Sorry, but the N-Word debate always gets to me and you can’t just ignore it or say talking about it fuels racism. 2 Chainz, you can drop some hot bars, but just because you played yourself (I mean that in more ways than one) on “2 Broke Girls” doesn’t mean the world wants to see you in their favorite actor’s flicks. We all remember that Busta Rhymes cameo in Finding Forrester. LOL. The fact a father named his son “Lil Poopy” is horrible, but the father’s lawyer trying to defend the kid’s ratchetness? Nah, never that. Finally, we have Benzino saying he’s done being a gangster….LOL!!! When did he ever start?

1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minajnicki-minaj-2013-02-26-300x300.png

In an interview with Extra, Nicki told correspondent Renee Bargh: “I’ve never had surgery on my face. They’ll see contour and they’ll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at RuPaul’s drag race and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want. When people see my makeup they think all types of crazy things that I’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup.”

2. Tyler, the Creator

“We don’t actually give a f*ck about that sh*t,” Tyler said in an interview. “Motherf*ckers who care are the reason racism is still alive. [The people who fought for civil rights,] that’s sick. That’s cool. [Why don’t I care?] I guess people my age, we’re not even thinking like that. When you think like that, you keep the racism alive when that’s not even on our palette.

3. 2 Chainz

Now he’s thinking about what comes next; his second album is in the works, but 2 Chainz says something in the movie realm is also possible. “It sounds like a world I could be part of,” he acknowledges. “We’ve got a couple of scripts we’re looking at. We’ve got a couple endorsements. We’ve been looking at contracts, (publishing) deals. We have a few things going on in our small little world. I’m just taking it one day at a time. My team is focused. We’re still trying to make an impact in different things. I don’t want to limit myself, so just be expecting some more from 2 Chainz.”

4. Joseph Krowski

Brockton police said Monday they haven’t filed criminal charges or arrested Luis Rivera, the father of fourth-grader Luie Rivera Jr., who goes by the stage name Lil Poopy. “I find this absolutely absurd. I find it racially tinged. And I’m hoping that when their department takes a look at it, that this doesn’t go any further,” Rivera’s attorney Joseph Krowski said. A Department of Children and Families spokeswoman confirmed that officials are looking into concerns about the young rapper’s welfare. “If you watch the videos, there are absolutely no crimes being committed,” said Krowski. “He’s very adjusted, he gets good grades. He participates in extra-curricular activities. School always comes first. He just happens to have a God-given exceptional talent.

5. Benzino


As I’m getting older, I’m just getting better with time. It’s a whole new vibe right now. I definitely got off that gangsta rap tip. As I’m getting older, things are focusing more on the ladies out there but by no means, this is not a lovey dovey mixtape. It’s just some real good music. There’s some hard beats on here. I would say this is something you and your girl could listen to.”

***Weekend! My hopes of the Jets landing Alex Smith have gone completely out of the window with him going to the Kansas City Chiefs. Peyton is going to have some competition out there in the AFC West along with Phillip Rivers. But forget all that, I have a little glimpse of hope in me with Kenyon Martin now on the Knicks. With Wallace out for the season, K-Mart doing damage in the rebounding department and putting up points in the paint, plus most importantly, making these doggies tougher, should be something to watch. We’ll see how it all fizzles out. Enjoy the weekend and I’ll catch y’all on Tuesday!***