Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has treated fans to new music this weekend in the form of a song called “Fingers Hurting.”

The rap star’s newest track premiered online Sunday (January 18) afternoon.

Hours after announcing his mixtape release date, Lil Wayne debuts the full version of “Fingers Hurting,” which he previewed in his Sorry 4 the Wait 2 trailer. Over ILoveMakonnen’s Metro Boomin-produced track “Maneuvering,” Weezy gets back into mixtape mode and whips up some menacing rhymes. He bumps Juvie, disses the judge and D.A. (“The D.A. was a d*ck and the judge was a jerk-off”), and reps the Bloods, shouting, “Soo woo!” (Rap-Up)

Check out the new song right here…

A few days ago, Wayne teased fans with the release of his “Sh!t” remix.

“I’m bumpin’ Carter V on the iPod / My b*tch mad as hell ’cause it ain’t out yet / She said soon as these ni**as see your new sh*t / They gon’ have to give their styles back — Did my time at Cash Money / Time served and released, but this agent ain’t free.” (“Sh!t” Remix)

This week, rap veteran Master P addressed whether or not Wayne could possibly land at No Limit Records

“This is definitely historical,” Master P said in an interview when asked if Wayne could find himself doing more work with him. “We never did nothing [like this,] it’s No Limit 24 anniversary. So we call it No Limit 24k. Anything is possible but Wayne is making good music. I rapped on his record, he rapped on my ‘Power’ record and we’re going to build a relationship. From here, wherever it go – it’s all official over here.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

Keeping an optimistic view, Young Money’s Christina Milian said she hoped Baby and Weezy would patch up their problems last weekend.

“It’s a little difficult,” she said. “I’m on the same record label. I’m on Young Money, so it’s a little difficult when it comes to business. I understand the circumstance for all of them. I think everyone’s trying to work it out and I wish the best. Honestly it’s been an empire that has been built between Baby and with Lil Wayne. You can only hope for the best and big things for the both of them, that they continue this grind that they have. They basically paved the way for people like myself having the opportunity to become successful. I pray it all works out. I know he prays the same thing, nothing but the best.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Instead of picking sides, The LOX’s Styles P compared Wayne’s situation to his stint on music mogul Diddy’s Bad Boy Records a few weeks ago.

“I know how it feels to be on a label and want to get off a label and not be there. I’ve been in them situations so I know for a fact that you, me or anyone else doesn’t know all of the details. You could just go off of what you, what’s pretty much in front of your face. But that don’t mean you get to see what’s in the locker room.” (VLAD TV)