Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is making headlines this week for being ordered to pay up nearly $100,000 in a fireworks case.

Details of Weezy F. Baby’s latest legal woe surfaced online Monday (November 9).

It seems Wayne got a bunch of fireworks from Pyrotek Special Effects for his 2013 tour, including 200 tracer comets, 92 silver gerbs, 2 white flashes with a bang, 36 propane tanks and 30 lbs of exploding powder. Wayne didn’t pay and the company sued, but they struck a settlement. Thing is … Wayne never paid up, so the company just went back to court and got a $96k judgment. (TMZ)

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Weezy F. Baby hopped onto Twitter and dished out some frustrations last week.

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According to reports, cops took some of Wayne’s art during a search of his Miami home a few days ago.

As TMZ reported, Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s deputies raided Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion Tuesday, armed with an order allowing them to seize Wayne’s property to satisfy a $2 million judgment Wayne owes to a private jet company. Our sources say cops brought along someone who valued the items inside the house so they could figure out what to seize. (TMZ)

Aside from the legal drama, Wayne announced his new No Ceilings 2 mixtape’s release date last week.

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