Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert and YK Osiris are gearing up for a huge face-off. The hip-hop stars have decided to go from trolling each other to lacing up gloves for a Saturday night boxing match.

Uzi x Osiris

Barring any last-minute changes, plans are for the two powerhouses to see each other in the coming hours. A promotional flyer is starting to make its rounds showing YK battling Uzi.

It’s going down today 😭😭. Man this the bet thread! Who y’all got all y’all clout tokens on??? YK OSIRIS or LIL UZI VERT -Akademiks’ Instagram

High-Key Details

Prior to the fight announcement, YK had lit up his social media pages getting at Uzi Vert. Osiris gracefully patted himself on the back and said he could see LUV face-to-face after receiving a fight challenge.

“I’m just laughing, you doing all this booting up talking about, ‘I’m in the car by myself, they know I’m on that. I’m Lil Uzi.’ That’s all good my brother, I don’t care. Listen. I put these paws on you so bad, everybody got they money on you. Everybody gonna lose they money.”

Wait, There’s More

Prior to the taunting, Uzi struck at YK with clips of himself in a car. Lil also said people know how nice he is with his hands.

“I know you’re doing very well at what you do and I’m doing well with what I do. But n*ggas know what I do. N*ggas know I knock n*ggas the f*ck out, for real in real life.”

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Lil Uzi Vert gives us his fighting talk ahead of the boxing match

Before You Go

Over the past few days, YK has sparked social media’s attention by boxing multiple musicians. He’s laced up with everyone from Desiigner to Tory Lanez.