Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert is giving fans plenty of content to watch. The hip-hop star went to social media this week with clips of himself turning up in a Rolls-Royce.

Last night, Uzi jumped on Instagram with hilarious clips jamming to throwback tunes.

According to reports, Uzi isn’t getting financial support for studio time and recordings from Generation Now and – as a result – wants to renegotiate.

Lil Uzi’s serious about getting out from under his contract … we’re told his side proposed an amended deal, one that’s more fair and balanced for the artist. As you might expect, the label is pushing back. However, another source tells us Generation Now isn’t holding up the release of Uzi’s upcoming album, “Eternal Atake,” and they’re definitely NOT exploiting him — they claim he’s been in full control of the project from the jump. (TMZ)

Last week, Uzi shocked fans by wiping his Instagram page clean.

Recently, reports emerged about Uzi Vert officially joining forces with Roc Nation.

The Philly rapper has inked a deal with Roc Nation where Jay-Z’s company will exclusively handle his management. The deal took place a couple of weeks ago, a source close to the rapper has confirmed with HHNM. A couple of months ago, he threatened to quit music for good but kept teasing that he’s ready to put out his old stuff for the fans. Two weeks ago, he spoke on the struggles with his label, Generation Now and revealed that he’s willing to drop his album for free on Soundcloud. (Hip Hop N More)