[Lil Troy goes back with Houston’s hip-hop history to 1988 when he launched Short Stop Records and was the first to record a 16 year old Scarface. Soon after J. Prince signed Scarface as a member of the Geto Boys and the rest is history. Everyone knows Troy from his platinum hit “Wanna Be A Baller”, but here is a little more about one of H-Town’s pioneers and his roots in the Houston rap scene.]

1. First To Work W/ A 16-Year-Old Scarface

I started the label in 1988 and we put out the song Scarface (DJ Akshun at the time), and he was 16 years old. He was staying with me and my mom and I put out a record of him and I put him in the studio and told him to talk about my life and the stuff you see around here, and now he is Face, one of the greatest lyricists ever.

2. J Prince Signing Scarface

J needed a new member for the Geto Boys and he came to me and said he would get my distribution and whatever I need and he would look out for me. I was selling so much white in the streets I wasn’t even worried about it at the time. The rap game was really new to everybody and J made it work. It let me know that I was on the right track.

3. Reflecting On Mr. 3-2, Fat Pat & Hawk

We’re gonna go back to Fat Pat and Hawk first. They grew up in the same apartments with me, I knew them since they were young, and both of them was on Wanna Be A Baller. #-2 was with me when him and Face and all of them was in high school together. When 3-2 was gonna feature on somebody’s record, he would kill them on their own record. All these rappers around here that passed were geniuses with the music and it’s unfortunate that they couldn’t see their full potential. Hawk was working as an insurance man when he was doing the music, and I went to Hawk and told him I’m going on the road for 6 months and he went on the road with me. And what ya’ll don’t know is Fat Pat was dead when I took his verse and put him on the Wanna Be A Baller album.

4. On Squashing Long Time Beef W/ Scarface

Face is my people. There was really others around him that made him beef with me. I’m my own man and he is his own man. We talk once or twice every week. Now that the man is independent he is so happy, he is doing great now. We are talking about collaborating with him and my son T2.

5. Lil Troy Recalls Show In Cleveland When Eazy-E Signed Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Me and Eazy-E did a couple shows together and I was with him when he met Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in Cleveland, I had been in Cleveland hustlin’. Mean Green from the radio station hooked me and Eazy up so I got on the show with Eazy in Cleveland, and I already down there and I knew Bone, and Bone was talkin’ to me asking about Eazy and that’s how they got signed. I was at that show in Cleveland. I had a group performing, I was out there hustlin’, I just brought them out there. I was out there gettin’ money in Cleveland.

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