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Lil Scrappy Heads To Rehab For Drug Addiction

Written By S. Samuel

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Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy is reportedly headed to rehab to receive treatment for his marijuana addiction after appearing in court yesterday (May 22) to address a failed drug test.

According to reports, Scrappy showed up in court Wednesday morning to address his drug test results.

He appeared in court Wednesday morning where he responded a drug test he took last month that tested positive for weed. The entertainer was suited down, looking like an upstanding citizen. “Momma D,” his mother in real life and reality show “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” co-star, would have been pleased. Lil Scrappy, whose actual name is Darryl Kevin Richardson II, reportedly admitted to TMZ that he has an addiction to marijuana. The 29-year-old’s attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis, admits that his client is scheduled to enter a rehab facility in order to kick his ongoing drug habit. (News One)

The Southern rapper’s legal team said Scrappy’s issues could be resolved with treatment from a rehab center.

“After testing positive, Mr. Richardson went and sought clinical help and was diagnosed with marijuana addition and post-traumatic stress disorder,” defense attorney Mawuli Mel Davis said. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Daniel M. Coursey heard arguments from both sides before considering some form of treatment that called for stringent monitoring. “He obviously needs some help to get off drugs,” Coursey said. “And we can’t trust him to do it on his own. I think he’s tried to cheat the system.” Davis offered to enroll Richardson in the in-patient program within a week and report back to the judge by June 12 with his client’s progress. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Last month, Scrappy spent a brief amount of time behind bars over the drug test issue.

Scrap had a warrant out for his arrest following a probation violation for submitting a tampered drug test, and refusing to take a new one. A judge ordered Scrappy’s release after his lawyer filed a successful motion to have the warrant recalled, saying the rapper maintains he never submitted a falsified urine sample in the first place. A hearing has been set for May 16 to determine the rapper’s fate. (BET)

The rapper’s legal woe turned into a hot topic earlier the same week.

Lil Scrappy is a lil’ jailbird — the rapper-slash-reality star turned himself in to an ATL jail this morning after cops say he refused to submit to a court-ordered urine test … TMZ has learned. We broke the story … officials say Scrappy violated his probation back in March after a dispute over a pee test. According to court officials, Scrappy tried to turn in a urine sample that was cold to the touch and may have been tampered with … and when asked to submit another cup, he refused. The court eventually issued a warrant for his arrest … and moments ago, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star turned himself in. (TMZ)

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Written by S. Samuel

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