Atlanta rapper Lil’ Scrappy is trying to keep every last penny in his bank account after being accused of creating at least $2,000 in damages to a hotel room this month.

According to reports, Scrappy is being singled out by a Texas concert promoter.

Lil’ Scrappy could be on the hook for $2k in damages after a hotel room got TRASHED in an epic afterparty — but like Shaggy … Scrap tells TMZ … it wasn’t him. Scrappy performed last Saturday in McAllen,Texas … and the show’s promoter claims after the gig there was a rager back in the hotel room he booked for Scrappy. The promoter says cops showed up because of the noise, and found the room in shambles — drink stains on walls, a hotel phone submerged in water, and the classiest combo ever … wine and buffalo wing sauce spewed all over the carpet. (TMZ)

Despite the guilt by association and finger-pointing, Scrappy has denied being responsible for the damages.

Here’s the thing … Scrappy tells us he was only at the party for a few minutes — so he says the mess ain’t his problem. The promoter says he got stuck with the $2,000 tab for the damages — and is threatening to get lawyers involved if Scrappy doesn’t reimburse him immediately. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, an attorney for the rapper revealed Scrappy would have a mentor guide him through a drug addiction.

Lil’ Scrappy’s attorney, Mawuli Mel Davis, tells RumorFix, “We are proud of the decision he’s made and we have identified a mentor who will help him with his new life when he has completed the program.” Rev. Run, who says he’s battled drug addiction, even offered himself up for support for the rapper/reality star. Lil’ Scrappy is scheduled to be in rehab for 30 days. (RumorFix)

Prior to those remarks, Scrappy acknowledged he would sacrifice time away from his family to get cleaned up.

Atlanta rapper Lil’ Scrappy said Wednesday he is headed to rehab. The musician, whose real name is Darryl Richardson, has had several court appearances in recent months. A few weeks ago, he failed a court-ordered drug test. “It is my hope that my time away from my family and especially my little girl, my daughter, will make me a better man,” Richardson said. He said it’s time for him to get help for marijuana addiction. A judge has granted Richardson a continuance in his probation battle, giving him time to attend rehab. (WSBTV)