Florida rapper Lil Pump‘s lawyer is pumping out some frustrations toward law enforcement. Attorney Brian Bieber believes racial profiling played a key role in this week’s headline-generating arrest.

According to Bieber, cops used Pump’s celebrity image and Latin roots against him in South Beach.

Bieber says cops initially told his client they pulled him over for an illegal turn but later changed their story and said they pulled him over because he had expired tags. Bieber says cops simply saw a young, successful hip-hop artist driving a very expensive Rolls-Royce in broad daylight … and decided to initiate a traffic stop in search of something wrong — even though he says Pump hadn’t done a thing to warrant such action. (TMZ)

Pump has since jumped on Instagram to update fans on his condition and promote upcoming music.

The publicized incident went down yesterday (August 29) afternoon.

3:42 PM PT — According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — officers initiated the stop after discovering the license plate on Pump’s Rolls-Royce actually belonged to a Mini Cooper. When cops asked Pump for a driver’s license, he allegedly told them he’d never had one. 7:54 PM PT — Pump has been released from custody. A source close tells us he was issued a ticket and will not have to appear in court … it’ll be handled by his legal team. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, Pump landed on XXL’s annual Freshman hip-hop newcomers list.

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