Rap rookie Lil Pump isn’t playing around when it comes to those zeros. The hip-hop newcomer reportedly wants millions and millions before signing on any record company’s dotted line.

In a new interview, Pump said it would come down to a $15 million payout to get him signed.

il Pump is super hot these days and he knows it … because he ain’t signing no recording contract for anything less than $15 mil. We got Pump leaving Avianne and Co. Jewelers Friday night in the Big Apple, where he says he dropped a quarter mil on bling. The 17-year-old rapper reportedly got out of his deal with Warner Bros. Records because it was never certified by a court … something that’s required when minors are involved. Pump’s been getting offers, which makes sense. He’s got several hit songs, including “Gucci Gang.” (TMZ)

Earlier in the week, music producer DJ Khaled revealed his intent on signing Pump.

Recently, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane extended his hand to try and sign Pump.

A few weeks ago, Chicago rapper Lil Durk publicly extended his hand to Pump.