Rap rookie Lil Pump has ended the bidding war. The hip-hop newcomer has reportedly linked up and signed on the dotted line with Gucci Mane‘s 1017 Eskimo record label.

New footage and speculation has seemingly confirmed Pump is now Team Gucci after getting spotted donning a signature “1017” pendant.

A couple of days ago, reports suggested that Pump has signed with Gucci Mane’s newly established 1017 Eskimo Records after a video of the rapper wearing a “1017” surfaced on social media. Dooney Battle, co-founder of entertainment company Tha Lights Global who is largely responsible for Pump’s success, revealed the news through an Instagram story earlier today (Feb. 9). It’s a video of Lil Pump Facetiming with them and showing off his 1017 chain. “Signing Day, Lil Pump signing day,” Dooney and his friend can be seen shouting out. (Hip Hop N More)

Earlier this month, reports suggested the Pump bidding war had narrowed down to a few top streaming giants.

Inside sources say that the eight-figure contest for teen rapper Lil Pump is intensifying. These sources tell us that top contenders include UMG, Sony, Live Nation, Spotify and Apple, and that WMG is not in the pole position. The “Gucci Gang” breakout is repped by Tha Lights Global. (HITS Daily Double)

In January, speculation developed over Pump possibly requiring $15 million for any offer to get taken seriously.


il Pump is super hot these days and he knows it … because he ain’t signing no recording contract for anything less than $15 mil. We got Pump leaving Avianne and Co. Jewelers Friday night in the Big Apple, where he says he dropped a quarter mil on bling. The 17-year-old rapper reportedly got out of his deal with Warner Bros. Records because it was never certified by a court … something that’s required when minors are involved. Pump’s been getting offers, which makes sense. He’s got several hit songs, including “Gucci Gang.” (TMZ)

Earlier the same week, music producer DJ Khaled revealed his intent on signing Pump.