Florida rapper Lil Pump wants everyone to put some respeck on his name. The hip-hop rookie has taken credit for helping steer the rap game.

Pump went to his Instagram Story last night (March 11) to credit himself and rap trio Migos for running hip-hop.

“Migos and Lil Pump run the culture. And if you feel some type of way suck my d**k. I guess y’all feel some type of way. Suck my d**k.”

Last week, Pump announced hitting 10 million Instagram followers and hinted at having a new deal on deck.

Recently, radio veteran Funk Flex made headlines after calling Lil Pump and Nicki Minaj wack rappers.

Recent reports claimed Lil Pump officially joined forces with Atlanta rap veteran Gucci Mane.

A couple of days ago, reports suggested that Pump has signed with Gucci Mane’s newly established 1017 Eskimo Records after a video of the rapper wearing a “1017” surfaced on social media. Dooney Battle, co-founder of entertainment company Tha Lights Global who is largely responsible for Pump’s success, revealed the news through an Instagram story earlier today (Feb. 9). It’s a video of Lil Pump Facetiming with them and showing off his 1017 chain. “Signing Day, Lil Pump signing day,” Dooney and his friend can be seen shouting out. (Hip Hop N More)