Florida rapper Lil Pump has no love for Funk Flex – at all. The rap newcomer has stepped forward to rip the Hot 97 radio veteran for clowning his nose-blowing viral clip.

Pump went to his Instagram Story Thursday (March 22) to encourage fans to troll Flex and also called him out for a past female assault case.

Hours prior, Flex took to his IG page to call out Pump’s lyricism and clown him for blowing his nose with money.

A few days ago, buzz developed about Pump getting a monster record contract with Warner Bros. Records.

This is the second round of trying to get a valid contract between Warner Bros. Records and Pump. The first contract was invalid because it was never validated by the court and he’s a minor — 17 years old. According to the contract, Warner Bros. Records agrees to pay Pump an $8 million advance, and then $9,000 for the first year, $12k for the second and $15k for the 3rd through 7th contract years. (TMZ)

Once the news went viral, Pump came forward to confirm the $8 million deal and clarify its terms.

“Man, I don’t know where y’all heard all that other bullsh*t. I got $8 million for one project and that’s it! I see y’all pretty mad but your favorite artists ain’t getting 8 million for a project.”