Lil Nas X’s Claimed Acceptance To Liberty University Revealed As Fraud

Written By Deaundre Barnes

Thou Shall Not Lie

Lil Nas X, the chart-topping artist known for his boundary-pushing music, finds himself engulfed in controversy once again. This time, it revolves around his alleged acceptance into Liberty University, as the prestigious Christian institution vehemently denies his application. 

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A Fake Acceptance Letter Exposed

In an unexpected twist, on Jan. 10, a representative from Liberty University shared a statement to TMZ Hip-Hop, refuting the legitimacy of Lil Nas X’s acceptance letter. According to the statement, the university had never heard of him, and the acceptance letter he flaunted on social media was nothing more than a fabrication. 

“We can confirm that Liberty University did not issue the Montero Hill ‘acceptance letter’ posted yesterday to social media, and we have no record of Montero Hill applying to the University,” the statement read. “Liberty University exists to glorify God by equipping men and women in higher education in fidelity to the Christian faith expressed through the Holy Scriptures.” “We continue to pray for America and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed across this land. We welcome all to apply and join us at Liberty University.”

The alleged fake acceptance letter was initially shared by Lil Nas X himself on Jan. 9, who claimed he would pursue studies in Christian Leadership and Biblical studies at Liberty University. However, it soon became evident that the entire endeavor was a promotional stunt for his upcoming single, “J Christ,” slated for release on Jan. 12. 

Fans React 

As news of the university’s denial spread,  users on Twitter (X) couldn’t resist expressing their opinions. 

@iqkev commented, “Lil Nas X can’t make a song without stirring up controversy around it,” highlighting the recurring pattern of attention-grabbing antics associated with the artist. Another user, @justvanillaling, voiced their frustration, stating, “I wish Lil Nas X would put as much effort into his music as he does into lying.” 

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Lil Nas X Sparks Controversy With Decision To Study Biblical Studies Amid ‘J Christ’ Tease

Lil Nas X has recently caused a stir on social media. After teasing a Christian-inspired music video, the Grammy Award-winning rapper announced his decision to pursue Biblical Studies at a University. 

Turning Over A New Leaf?

Taking to Instagram on Jan. 10, Lil Nas X shared his acceptance letter to Liberty University, a private Christian college in Lynchburg, Virginia. Known for his provocative antics, the Montero artist captioned the post with excitement, stating:

“Not everything is a troll! Anyways, I’m a student again! LET’S GOOO.”

While several fans applauded the “Industry Baby” rapper for his decision and encouraged him “Not to pay attention to the haters,” others were more skeptical. 

One fan expressed their excitement at the possibility of being classmates with the rapper saying, “If I get to class Monday and see lilnas sitting beside m..I-”, while another subtly criticized him by commenting, “God will never be mocked,” questioning his sincerity.

‘J Christ’

With a reputation for pushing boundaries and courting controversy, the “Scoop” artist has constantly found ways to generate buzz around his projects. Enrolling in Biblical Studies can be seen as another strategic move to spark conversation and attract attention to his upcoming single, “J Christ.” 

The music video preview, shared on Lil Nas’ Instagram, showcases a star-studded cast walking towards the Pearly Gates, including Kanye West, Ms. Pat, and Mariah Carey, walking towards the Pearly Gates.

Disgruntled fans responded to the clip by flooding the “Rodeo” rapper’s comments. One user said, “STOP USING CHRISTIANITY TO STAY RELEVANT….🤬🤬🤬.” Another chimed in saying, “This is another level of disrespect.”

Christian Rapper Questions Authenticity Of Rappers Turning To Islam

Amid the mixed reactions surrounding Lil Nas X’s pursuit of Christianity, questions about celebrities’ religious conversions have also surfaced. Christian rapper John Gabbana recently voiced his doubts regarding rappers converting to Islam, suggesting that some may be doing it solely for trends.

Originally Written By: DeAundre Barnes (1/10/24 at 6:25 pm)

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Written by Deaundre Barnes

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