Rap newcomer Lil Nas X isn’t slowing down – at all. The hip-hop rookie has continued to level up and rub elbows with some major talent.

Over the weekend, Nas shared dope shots hanging out with everyone from pop singers Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa to Billie Eilish.

Last month, Nas went to Instagram to geek out over his new 7 EP already becoming the top Apple Music release.

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Despite fans urging X to drop an instant album, the rapper recently said his new 7 EP will get everyone prepared for his major studio debut.

“The EP. This EP is going to get everybody ready for this album that’s coming later- it can be 20 songs a day, and then it’ll be like, ‘Oh, 35?’ And then I’ll be like, ‘Oh, wait, oh, I like these ones. I like this one now. Oh, this is like 27 songs.’ And it’s like, nah. But a lot of songs I go in with the intent of finishing, so if I feel like I might want to finish making a song while I’m listening to the beat I’m just like, “Cut the whole thing,” pretty much.” (Beats 1)

In addition to rubbing elbows with major music starts, X is extra focused on trying to make a Drake collaboration go down.

“I really want this to happen. I already know it’s going to happen like Drake to get on the remix of ‘Panini.’ Sh. I talk to J. Prince. He wants me to do a show sometime at the end of this year. Maybe that’ll help. You know what’s crazy, though? I wanted Drake to be on ‘Old Town Road’ remix ’cause it was going to be a hip-hop remix, too. Things didn’t go as planned. This man’s a goat. He’s the biggest inspiration musically for everybody.” (Beats 1)