Brooklyn rap veteran Lil’ Kim is making headlines this weekend courtesy of a dicey wardrobe malfunction of herself overseas bubbling across the Internet.

While Kim’s upper body is intact, her lower area has the blogosphere buzzing.

So this is Lil’ Kim performing at the O2 Arena in London, but there’s someone else who stole the spotlight from Kim’s talents and … well, and her face. And it was her massive, massive camel toe, a camel toe so large that the folks in the front row are in danger of being wholly consumed if she happens to bend the wrong way. It’s a better look than the one we last saw on you, Kim, but not by much. Not by much, friend. (Fish Wrapper)

Reports claim concertgoers were seemingly torn apart in light of her appearance.

The top piece seemed to be a belted bodice with a visible bra top, complete with tied cuffs and a huge trail. She teamed this with huge, over-sized, red knickers which looked mightily uncomfortable for any woman to wear – not least because it revealed some unflattering, and seemingly painful, camel toe. She capped the look with thigh-high boots and several pieces of ‘bling’ jewelery, plus Geisha-like make-up on her face. Interestingly, the performance seemed to divide fans and critics alike – with some praising the star and others questioning her choice of style. (Daily Mail UK)

Recently, Kim’s ex-boyfriend Scott Storch spoke on their relationship and where they stood in 2013.

“She’d a marry me? I probably would have married her too,” Scott said in an interview, referring to Kim. “She’s a sweetheart. That’s my little baby. But, um, she’s, to this day, a good friend, and she’s family and I’ll never turn my back on her. [Plastic surgery?] Man, that ain’t none of my business. I have no opinion. I think she was adorable on her first album cover. Look at Michael Jackson, you know what I mean? It just becomes a thing. I think that’s an addiction in itself. [Did I speak to her about the surgeries?] Nah, I don’t think it was really in my place. She looks cool now but, you know, it is what it is. That’s her thing.” (VLAD TV)

Last year, the Queen Bee claimed a request to relocate residences sparked a negative turn in their relationship.

“I love Scott. I would have married him. He’s a good person. I don’t even think he knew who he was talking to when I reached out to him. He has so many horrible people around him. Scott spoiled me, he treated me like a queen, but the thing is he thought he had to do all these lavish things,” Kim said in an interview. “We were living in Coconut Grove — and as soon as we went to Miami Beach, we started arguing and fighting and everything was horrible. Scott wanted to marry me, he gave me a huge pink diamond ring and it killed me to give it back. I was like yes, but not now. He was so upset. … [The break-up?] I was on my way to prison and he wanted me to move to Miami officially. I didn’t see the reason I had to move out there when I had all this going on.” (“The Breakfast Club”)