New York rapper Lil’ Kim is keeping the attention on her newly released “Wake Me Up” music video. The hip-hop diva has hit up social media to unload some behind the scenes moments.

Last night, the Queen Bee lit up Instagram with her fave scenes from the gritty video’s production.

🍦#lilkim #queenbee #beehive #wmu #bts

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#lilkim #queenbee #beehive #bts #wmu

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Yesterday, Kim and Remy Ma blessed fans with their “Wake Me Up” music video premiere.

Last week, Remy downplayed hype about their new anthem taking shots at rap rival Nicki Minaj.

“You hear the record. I don’t understand how many times I have to tell people [this]. I have no problem calling people out by name. I don’t. I’m so over that. I’m past that. I’m like in a good space, like I feel like everything that happened, everything happens for a reason. Right now, what I’m doing right now is what the record is. It’s just a dope record.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few days prior, Lil’ Kim dismissed the idea of using “Wake Me Up” to get at Nicki.

“The messed up thing is because we are real artists and me and Remy do what we do, no matter what we say, if I be like, ‘Fake a** such and such,’ they gonna be like, ‘Oh, she’s talking about such and such!’ I feel like people know me and Remy well enough that if we’re going to talk about somebody we’re going to say their name, we’re going to address them, we’re going to make it that or whatever. We just making music. We’re doing what we do. And like I said, my mind is always on that bag. My mind ain’t on ol’ girl.” (Hot 97)

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