Lil Flip has stepped back into the hip-hop spotlight and explained why his music will outshine other artists after some time away from the scene.

Flip said his past label issues with Sony Music and Warner Bros. helped him step away from the rap game and take notice of what other emcees have been releasing.

“I tell you one thing that [record label] sh*t did, even with the T.I. beef, even with everything I done been through, getting shot,” Flip explained in an interview. “The whole time I was going through all that I was going through, I’ve been recording. Like, I’ve got literally over 2,000 songs in my computer, half of them freestyles. So all that did, the whole time all of this was going on, I’ve just been working, working, working…The sh*t that I’m fixing to release…they ain’t even gonna think I wrote that sh*t…By me getting to hear all of the competition and see what’s been playing on the radio, all these years, I just really got to hear what everybody else is doing. So I’m way more confident that I’ve ever been in my whole career cause I know what album I’m sitting on. I’m sitting on some sh*t that’s crazy.” (Vibe)

According to a past interview with T.I., the “King” said Flip called him out while performing at an Atlanta concert which sparked their past rap beef.

“Basically the origins of this ain’t beef, it’s filet mignon to me,” T.I. said in a 2004 interview. “He poses no threat to my health. Anytime he wants to see me, I have an open invitation. When I was gone, he made some comments. He saw fit to take shots at me while I was down. At his shows in Atlanta, he would ask people who was the king of the South. When my name was brought up — rightfully so — he said, ‘OK, well tell T.I. I said game over.'” (MTV)

Despite his issues with Tip, Flip also battled problems with his record label.

Flip kept his profile public not only with such drama but also with a string of mixtapes, most notably the Freestyle Kings series, which reached its sixth volume in 2005. Flip’s next album was planned to follow that year, but at the last minute Sony refused to release it and the rapper was without a label for the next three years. I Need Mine finally appeared in 2007 as a double CD on the Asylum label. Two collaborations followed. All Eyez on Us from 2008 found the rapper partnering with Outlawz member Young Noble, while 2009’s Certified was recorded with Young Money member Gudda Gudda. (All Music)

Although known for rap beefs, T.I. recently ended his feud with Shawty Lo publicly earlier this year.

T.I.P. performs at his Club Cruciall for one of his final shows before he does his time. He brings out Big Kuntry King and the big surprise was Shawty Lo being brought to the stage during “Big Shit Poppin” to publicly end the beef. Smiling and affirming each other’s presence on-stage, Tip confirms the duo’s pact at the end of his song. “Eh my n*gga,” T.I. told Shawty. “Bankhead in this motherf*cker!” (World Star Hip Hop)