Comedian Lil Duval doesn’t have to worry about having 50 Cent‘s money by Monday. The hip-hop funnyman has announced he’s in the clear with the G-Unit boss.

This week, Duval went to Instagram to come clean about partying with Fif during an Atlanta nightclub event but denied spending the rap heavyweight’s money.

50 Cent has since addressed Duval’s major proclamation.

This week, New York rapper Don Q released a video explaining how he had partied with 50 over the weekend and acknowledged drinking free bottles from the Unit leader.

“Man, I been partying with this man 50 Cent all weekend. We in the club, this n*gga pass me bottles every 15 minutes. I don’t even know how much this sh*t cost, I didn’t spend no money. I just want to make sure I don’t owe you nothing. If I do you, hit me up, let’s clear the tab. I ain’t trying to burn no bridges. I need to be in your TV shows and everything you got coming up. Let’s sit down and talk and figure this sh*t out.”

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Fif made sure to respond to Q’s video plea and promised he’s in the clear.