Comedian Lil Duval is always with the jokes. The hip-hop funnyman has lit up social media with an alleged mug shot of former self-proclaimed rap game groupie Kat Stacks.

On Thursday, Duval went to his Instagram page and shared the pic.

In 2015, Stacks talked about her infamous, headline-generating run in hip-hop.

Back in 2010, Stacks made headlines after getting detained in Nashville, Tennessee just days after turning 21.

She’s currently being held without bail at the Nashville Correctional Development Center For Females. “She didn’t get arrested for a state charge, so she must’ve missed an immigration court date in the past. Once that happens they start looking for you and once they got you… it’s a wrap,” says Miss Pugh a police assistant at Nashville’s CJC. Pugh also stated that most of the time illegal aliens are deported within seven days of detainment. However, if the woman who made a name for herself by sexing and terrorizing rappers seeks council, there may be a chance she stays on US soil. (VIBE)

In fall 2010, Atlanta rapper Soujla Boy shared his love for the infamous personality.

“It’s sad that she’s getting deported. They’re taking my baby away, they don’t want me to see her no more,” Soulja Boy said live on the air during an interview with Washington D.C’s 93.9 jockey Angie Ang in reference to recent reports that Kat Stacks is getting deported to her native Venezuela.