Chicago rapper Lil Durk has stepped forward to weigh-in on the shots fired at him courtesy of West Coast hip-hop artists Game and Tyga’s new “Chiraq To L.A.”

While quick to dismiss the diss track, Durk reacted to fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef siding with his enemies.

“He need help,” Durk said when asked about the diss track. “It’s over that, on to the next one. I’m cool. [Chief Keef?] At first it was just Twitter and then there was just phone calls, everyone trying to get everybody back together. Soon as Tyga and Game’s song dropped, he posted it onto his page. He ain’t disrespect me only, he disrespected the whole Chicago. He ain’t got to deal with me at the end of the day, he got to deal with everybody. It’s over with. He’s with L.A.” (WGCI)

Yesterday, Chief Keef posted up Game and Tyga’s “Chiraq” remix cover art.

“Be bool. Go f*ck wit Blood hem!,” Chief captioned May 6. (Chief Keef’s Instagram)

Instead of getting upset, Durk initially pointed out how Tyga relied on Game to assist in the feud.

“He needed that help his ass was finished lol,” Durk tweeted May 6.

“Chiraq I love city we turn up!!!!!!!”

“Wtf tyga was talkin bout lol he let game get all the song so tyga can feel tuff”

“I’m on n*ggas a** no let up talk dat street sh*t I’m wit all da bullsh*t” (Lil Durk’s Twitter)

Game threw himself into Tyga’s beef by going off on Durk with handfuls of verbal jabs.

“I don’t f*ck with no new n*ggas, they like to sue, no woo n*gga /Tyga hit me like “Durk dissing” /Dirk Nowitzki? Dirk who n*gga? /Never heard of these n*ggas /Some of the nerve of these n*ggas /Don’t make me put on burgundy n*gga /Let the AK (gunshots) I’m serving these n*ggas /Yo T raw, time to murder these n*ggas” (“Chiraq To LA”)

Check out Lil Durk’s interview: