Chicago’s Lil Durk and Dej Loaf have turned their romance into music-making with the release of their new “True Or False” collaboration.

The hip-hop couple’s latest release premiered Friday (June 10).

The two continue to exchange flirty verses on the Kharri production. “You say you’re gon’ do this and that when I’m alone with you,” Lil Loaf raps. “But when we link up, we get nervous, boy, what’s wrong with us?” Meanwhile, Durk raps about sending flowers and not getting texts back “for hours.” (Rap-Up)

Durk recently blamed work schedules for delaying his romance with Dej.

“We good. We’re politicking and talking. It’s just she super busy, I’m super busy and we need some time together so we can grow,” Durk said before revealing how they met. “[Laughs] It was in New York, it was at Bobby Shmurda and French Montana’s video. The remix to “Hot N*gga” and she came and we was talkin’. She was all shy. I was laid-back too. The first time I met her, we just exchanged contacts. I don’t have no game. I suck at game. All I know we just started talking. I was like, “Damn girl, you sexy as hell.” (XXL Mag)

Back in April, Dej raised eyebrows after declaring her single status on social media.

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Durk almost immediately spoke out when her post went viral.