Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie recently unloaded his frustrations and anger with African Americans fighting one another and putting the blame on another race.

In Boosie’s perspective, Black people should recognize who is at fault before pointing fingers at White America.

“I feel like African American is the worst race in the world, because first of all, we kill each other. People always talk about this racist stuff, but the White man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a [gun],” Boosie explained in an interview. “The White man ain’t trying to take your rims off your car. The White man ain’t doing this – we’re doing this to each other. So how can we say ‘”eff” the White man’? He ain’t doing nothing, but when we get in trouble – he’s doing his job. Guilty. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.” (“Nite Cap w/ Peter Bailey”)

Lil Boosie digs into his personal issues in this video interview…

Boosie Bad Azz also singled out White men for intentionally using Black people to make profits.

“I really do feel like they brought drugs into the country,” Boosie added referring to the White man. “And gave it to the big dogs in the black community because they’re gonna put it into their culture and we gonna smoke up all the drugs. You don’t see the Italians selling keys down the block to their people so they can get strung out. We got pictures of Scarface, John Gotti but they know we gonna kill our race.” (“Nite Cap w/ Peter Bailey”)

Over the summer, Boosie Bad Azz revealed his favorite social media tool.

“I didn’t know about Instagram or FaceTiming or Skype,” Boosie admitted in an interview. “I didn’t know about all that. That was crazy for me, you know? [What do I use the most?] FaceTime. … [Next single?] I really haven’t decided yet. It’ll probably be my ‘FaceTime’ record. I got a FaceTime record with Trey Songz. Trey Songz is on the album, too. … It’s actually about FaceTime with my little friend.” (Rap-Up TV)

During a recent media/press run, Bad Azz reminded onlookers he was still coping with today’s technology and terminology.

LOL! It’s been too long for Boosie Bad. The Louisianna rapper was released from prison last week, and although while on the inside, he got hipped on to Twitter, there are some social networking skills he still has to find out. Check out Boosie as he gets schooled on what a ‘selfie’ is. (In Flex We Trust)