Lil Boosie Swoops Into Birdman’s Old Crib, Catches Some Serious Backlash

Written By S. Samuel

Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie may have to pump down the volume if he wants to avoid any serious problems after reportedly catching backlash following a family party this week.

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According to reports, Boosie’s neighbors are upset over the commotion he recently sparked.

Reporter Darian Trotter has details, and exclusive reaction from the rapper’s mother, Connie Hatch. “It was just a small family gathering,” Hatch said. But neighbors in the English Turn subdivision are complaining. Some are worried that a birthday party Rapper Lil Boosie threw last weekend for his mother’s 60th birthday is the beginning of more to come. Boosie reportedly just moved into the exclusive, gated-community. He’s renting a home once owned by Rapper Birdman. (WGNO)

The bulk of complaints stem from issues related to parking and nosie control.

She says nothing got out of hand, and she’s puzzled by the complaints. “I just feel like we were being singled out and we have to be fair.” Trotter said, “WGNO News has learned the complaints stem from minor parking violations and noise. “The association here first plans to issue a warning before any notices go on record.” “Well if that’s what they want to do that’s find, but let’s be fair, let’s be fair, you know,” Hatch said. (WGNO)

G-Unit head 50 Cent recently revealed Boosie reached out to him as soon as he became a free man to collaborate.

“Boosie had an idea that we were doing together and I’m not sure if I ever got back his vocals on it. Because right after, he was charged with murder and then that shit just got out of hand. I got to get up with him. He tried to reach out to me as soon as he got out but I was travelling and had so much sh*t going on. I’ll give him a call this week. I haven’t had a chance to finish [the song] but possibly you can hear something from me and Lil Boosie.” (VIBE)

Earlier this month, Bad Azz talked about his fame and wanting to reach rap mogul Jay Z‘s high-profile status.

While he was behind bars, the 31-year-old become a rap champion of sorts, and now that the “Free Boosie” movement can happily quell, the Louisiana native wants to lift himself to “Jay Z status,” he tells In the future, he aspires to spread out in different directions, like Hov has done with the Roc Nation record label, in addition to sports, film, and management ventures. Climbing up to Jay’s level is a slow journey, and one that Bossie says he’s ready for. “I know it’ll take a little time.” (BET)

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Written by S. Samuel

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